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posted by: Kimberly Williams on 2/17/2020

I am searching for a ministry that teaches how to strengthen gifts believes in the prophetic power of God and I’m lost because I feel like God hasn’t heard me
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Breaking Strongholds
posted by: Eleshia Smith on 10/30/2019

I ask that you pray in agreement with me that any strongholds or assignments sent by Satan & his Imps to destroy my family The Robert Lee Smith Sr Family you of Ero La will be shattered & destroyed. Also pray where there is division sow togetherness. Where there is stagnation or delay remove by the power & blood of Jesus. Where there is or was financial loss & abnormal health findings let there be restoration & a complete turnaround in my family bloodline. I am also fasting & praying for these things as well. Thank you for praying in agreement.
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New to the area
posted by: Kai on 7/13/2018

My daughter has moved to kokomo and currently does not have transportation do you have a church van for Sunday services?
I will pray 8 people are praying.
restoration of marriage and family
posted by: alicia on 3/20/2018

please pray for the restoration and revival of my marriage and family. thankyou
I will pray 10 people are praying.